21 Epic Tips That Can Make You A Pro Digital Marketer In 2020

21 Epic Tips That Can Make You A Pro Digital Marketer In 2020, digital marketing tips for 2020, digital marketing for beginners

Do you want to learn Digital Marketing? Are you a Beginner? So, in this article, I will share the Top 21 valuable tips which will help you achieve your goal faster. To get the most out of it, read the full article. But before discussing the points with you, let me tell you the short journey of my life. That allows me to share these points with you.

My Journey

My Journey to Digital World starts from the time when I have completed my 10th class and promoted to 11th class. So there was a fire in me to earn money. But because I am a lazy person, so I sat at home and started searching for ways to make money online. Then, I come to know about many new things like Dropshipping, freelancing, logo designing, paytm cash earning apps, YouTube Channel. But Then I came to know about Digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing fascinated me a lot. After that, I searched a lot about it, like a free Digital Marketing Course. One day! A Facebook ad come in front of me; while scrolling the posts, I saw a Free Digital Marketing Course, Digital Deepak, aka Deepak Kanakaraju offered which. I completed the course. I have bought a domain and hosting to apply that knowledge. But after a few months, I dropped out because there was lazy, not committed, and had no guidance on what to do next. 

By taking the course from Digital Deepak, I became a part of his community and his email list. So he used to send many emails regarding Digital Marketing, how to make a career with the help of digital marketing, which was helpful. No doubt I was getting the best knowledge from one of the best digital marketers in India, but lack of guidance. Then I also bought his paid courses, but as I have mentioned earlier, I am a little lazy kind of person. I have not completed the course. Let me tell you one thing that I am a good learner but a bad practitioner. So now I got stuck.

And three months ago, Digital Deepak made an Internship program which had a price, but technically free course which I will discuss with you later how. I wanted to join the program but didn’t have the money. So, I have not joined that. But now he again went to start a new Internship program Batch 2. I have the money, so I joined it. And on the 25th of February, it was my first class of that program. I attended that class. And in this article, I will share my knowledge with you what I have learned/understood.

Top 21 tips that will boost your learning for Digital Marketing 

1. Learn, Do and Teach

The Golden Triangle

Here is the first point, The Golden Triangle that is “Learn, Do and Teach.” So, if you want to become an expert not only in Digital Marketing but in any skill.

  •  First, learn the skill what you want to learn. But learning alone will not help you. 
  • So, the next step is to do/apply what you have learned. By using that knowledge, you will make a step towards becoming an expert. 
  • Finally, you have learned the skill, practised it. And now if you will teach this skill, with one who wants to learn it, then now you have become 99.99% expert in that skill. Because when you share your knowledge with others, you become more knowledgeable about that topic.

2. Setting your goals

Setting your goal for digital marketing

“A person with a goal and a plan will beat an intelligent person without a goal and a plan.

Warren Edward Buffett

You have read it right. So, setting up your goal is important. For instance, if you are blogging, your goal can be 1000 monthly visitors or if you are studying your goal can achieve more grades than last time. Your goal can be anything, but the important thing is that you must set your goal. So, you will always try hard, try smart to achieve it.

Do you know Sandeep Maheshwari? He is a Motivational Speaker and an Entrepreneur.

“People do not fail because they reach their goal, rather they fail, when they achieve their goal. Because they set a small goal, reaches it and stops there, does not aim for big.”

Sandeep Maheshwari

So never stop, if you achieve your goal. After accomplishing your goal, set a new goal for yourself.

And let me tell you my goal. My short-term goal is to learn Digital Marketing and apply this knowledge to make some money out of this year.

3. Commitment helps you achieve your goal

Commitment, all of you are aware of this word. But do you know how much impact commitment has on our goal? If we commit to doing something, then we have finished 50% of our task.

And If talking about my Internship Program with Digital Deepak. I have mentioned that this is a technical free program. So, I have paid Rs14999 for the program. And in this program, Deepak Sir will give us some assignment. For each task, he is giving some amount of money back. To get my full amount back, I must finish all projects in the time. 

So, here I am committed to getting my full money back. And to be in the Top 25 students for this internship program. But money is not only the case, but the thing is also if I will finish all the assignments on time, then my goal for joining this program will accomplish, and that is learning Digital Marketing.

4. Community Help you learn and build your brand

What do you think about why I have mentioned community as one point? Let me give you the answer to that. You know that there are many top universities outside India like Harvard University, Oxford University or Stanford University and in India like Thapar University, SRM, Manipal University or IIT. 

Do you know why they are so popular? Because they provide you with grand exposure to a vast community that helps you grow. And by joining this Internship Program, Deepak Sir is giving us a great community. The people of that community help each other a lot.

So, to grow in your career and life, you must always try to meet new people, build a community for yourself which will help you exceed in your life.

5. First, be a Good Marketer Before becoming a Digital Marketer!

So, what does this mean? Let me explain you. A marketer is a person who does marketing in the market. Complicated! But it is as easy as it seems to be hard. A market is a place where someone is selling its products or services; marketing is an advertisement for that. And marketer is the person who does this all. 

Now to be a good marketer, learn how to sell. You can learn how to sell only by understanding people’s behaviour. So, you can make them buy your products or services.

Since technology is changing from last many years and it will change in future too. But the marketing strategy will be the same always because the person’s behaviour was the same 100 years ago and will not change for the next 100 years. So, learn about Marketing Psychology to learn more about marketing.

6. Finding the Gold 

finding the wealth in the market

You may think about what I am saying now. So, finding the Gold means to find ‘wealth.’ Many people believe that there is not wealth outside. But there is a way to find the wealth, and that is the point of where the marketing starts. So always there is a way to wealth, you just need to discover that.

7. The Ever-Expanding Market

ever-expanding market

In the first class of the internship program, I came to know about the ever-expanding market. Marketing needs always expand because the solution to needs gives rise to new demands.

I will explain this point with the help of an example. So all of you know, people made cars to reach somewhere in less amount of time. Your problem, your have solved the need for reaching somewhere in less time, but it gives rise to new need like now you need car washing service, service care centres for its proper maintenance, which is making a new market for other people to earn some money by solving your problems. You need a stereo system, Ac for your cars. Now, you are giving rise to a new problem for which you want the solution. To resolve that, once more, you need a new market for your needs. So, as you can see, the market is expanding. Its expansion will not stop. 

8. The Global Economics

You probably may think about now what Digital marketing has to do with Global Economics. When I was attending the webinar, it also confused me was also like you. But now, I have understood its importance. And I am sharing the same with you. So, if you will start a business or become a marketer, then it is necessary to learn a little about Global Economics. But how does it work?

I will explain this with the help of the following points:

  • The economy of a country goes up when the average age of the country goes up. People spend more. 
  • For example, as we are growing up, our expenses are also growing up, like when your child is of small age, pay his/her School fee when he/she further grow up then you have to pay for college fee and Hostel fee or rent.
  • The economy goes down when the average age goes up above 50, household spending goes down. As when you get older you spend less, it reduces your expenses. Continuing the example, now your child has got a job and you don’t have to pay for any of his expenses. He will manage it by himself.
  • Debt creates money. Because when people take a loan or debt than money circulation increases, which ultimately increases the economy of the country.
  • A Deflation of money supply happens when people repay debt. 
  • Do not worry about the recession. People will always pay money for value. So, always give high value to your customers.
  • During the recession, strong companies survive, and weak companies fail. Therefore, to make survive your company during the recession make it strong by building a quality customer base.

9. India, the biggest upcoming market opportunity

If you are an Indian or willing to start your business in India. Then you should start doing it from right now. Because India can be a great opportunity for you to start your company. India is at the stage of a great economic boom as the average age of India is around 27 to 28. So, the people in India will spend more because they are at a stage when their expenses are increasing continuously.

10. The 3 Major Niche of the market: Health, Money and Relationship

Niche means a special market, for which you want to make your digital presence. Like an E-Commerce website just for electronic products, or it can be a blog for health. 

So, if you want to make a quick impact on your website, then Health, Money or Relationship can be a better niche for you.

Because everyone needs good health, enough money and a good relationship in their life.

11. How to select your niche?

how to find your niche

While selecting your niche, take care of the following points.

  • Your niche should be a combination of passion, talent and market demand.
  • You should have passion, enjoy doing it, get better at it, and enjoy doing it even more. 

12. How to find the market demand

To find the market demand, there are various free, and premium paid tools available in the market. Some of them, which I will share with you are:

  • You can use Google Auto Suggest.
  • ‘AnswerThePublic.com’ is also a great tool which you can use for free to find what people are looking for.
  • Amazon reviews can also help you a lot.
  • Or you can also scratch your Itch like my Mentor Deepak Kanakaraju when he started his journey. (Ex: BikeAdvice, DigitalDeepak) 
  • You can also talk to customers.
  • Look for pre and post products/services of other products.

13. Benefits of choosing a small niche

While picking a niche, it is best to go for a micro-niche. Because if you try to cover even the entire market for one niche, it will become hard for your website or you to market it as a brand into the market. But if you go for a micro-niche, then there are more chances of becoming it popular.

For example, if you select “Health” as a niche then, it will be hard to hit the competition in its initial stage. But, if you go for a micro-niche like “Yoga and food for stress relief“, then there are a lot of chances of winning the competition. One more example can be like making a short course about the “Stock market for College Students” will be a better niche as compared to making a short course about the “Stock market“.

So always try to go for a micro-niche. Because at this stage, your chances of winning are the most.

14. Be the master of your niche

Now you have selected a micro-niche. But, though, some competition will be there. So, why would people come to you? They should have some reason to trust you. And to build trust, become the master of your niche and provide them with a quality product/information. 

Also, people will always remember the first person. They did not remember the second one. So, you must attain mastery in it.

15. Making one crore is easy!

After all this, you have selected the micro-niche, gained the skills and have mastered it. Why you are doing all this for you maybe passionate about this. But it is all about earning a living from this. 

So, by using your skill you can make Rs 1 Crore easily, how?

For example, you have made a course about, “Stress relief exercises and food” or “How to become a freelancing master?”. Now assume you are selling it for Rs 1000 to 10,000 people; therefore, your total income will be Rs 1 crore or you are selling it for Rs 10,000 to just 1000 people again it will Rs 1 crore. So, it is as simple as that.

Rs 1000 * 10,000 people = Rs 1 crore earned from just 10,000 people

And in India 1000 people is less than 1% of its total population i.e. 133.92 crore population. But on a realistic approach, it may take you a minimum of 3 years to earn Rs 1 crore.

16. Mastering Communication Skills

mastering communicatin skills

Why master communication skill?

This is one of the most important points for you to learn and understand excelling not only in digital marketing but in your life.

A simple definition of Communication, “It is sharing the information in such a way that the person who is receiving the message will understand what the speaker/writer wants to say.” The more effective your communication, the more you will establish yourself as a brand.

  • Communication helps in content creation, sales and becoming a successful professional or entrepreneur.
  •  If your communication is not good enough, commit to improving it. 

Easy ways to master communication

  • Read a lot (30 minutes a day) – start with simple books and move into complex ones. 
  • Listen to podcasts. (30 minutes a day) 
  • Write a lot, the more you write, the better you can write. (500 words a day). 
  • Watch English sitcoms (Recommended: The Office, Seinfeld, Silicon Valley, Mad Men & more). 
  • Watch stand-up comedy shows to learn the culture and local slangs

17. Why building a personal brand is important?

why building personal branding is important

“The best known will always beat the best.”

-Deepak Kanakaraju

Do you hesitate while doing something? Honestly, I hesitate a lot while doing something. I always wanted to do many things, for example, creating my YouTube Channel, put some TikTok video content, put my pics on Instagram but I hesitate a lot. 

While attending the Ist class of my Internship Program, Deepak sir has told us about our hesitation. This hesitation is because of fear of left out of society/group/tribe. You often want to be a part of some cool group and sometimes want to differ from others, be unique. This confusion is because of the war between the lizard brain and the creative/logical brain. Your lizard brain makes you feel that you are in a safe zone when you become a part of some group, whereas your creative/logical brain wants to do something different, creating an impact on another, but now your brain makes you feel afraid, it makes you feel that you are in the danger zone. 

If you want to be unique, create an impact on others using your creativity, then you need not worry because somewhere there will be a tribe/group of unique people which you can join. “And that is where building a brand, put out our thoughts and ideas will be very important to build a personal brand.” Deepak Kanakaraju.

  • So, never hesitate to put your content out there. Do not fear about standing out. So, stop trying to fit in. 
  • Try to show your unique character and personality in social media. 
  • Publish content in different forms. By publishing more content, you will “own more of the internet”. 

What are the benefits of Personal Branding?

  • Your unique Style, Your Tribe. You will be your boss.
  • You should keep in mind that people want to hear from people, not from brands. 
  • If you have a personal brand, then it will be easy for you to get a job or close a client or build your own consulting / training business. 
  • It’s cool that other people know you. Build your fame within a community. 
  • For this, you can Write, Publish Videos, Do Public Speaking.

18. Is it right to be an introvert?

Is it right to be an introvert

If you are an introvert, then it can prove to be a benefit for you. Because to generate great content you need some space, solitude, where you can think with your full creativity. So, if you are an extrovert, you need some extra time and space to produce great content, whereas if you are introvert it will be a lot easier for you to produce great content.

I am also an introvert. So, after Deepak Sir explained about this topic, now I am quite more confident than I was. So, do not shy, just do what you want to do.

19. What is the future of Digital Marketing?

what is the future of digital marketing

This question might come in your mind that should I learn Digital Marketing? What if something will replace Digital Marketing as Digital Marketing has replaced Traditional Marketing?

  • Digital marketing will not die because marketing will not die. 
  • As needs and products keep going up, you need ways to market them. And the internet is a great way for that, also it will not die because the world more and more use of the internet will be there.
  • The world is moving towards digital. Consumer behaviour is changing. 
  • Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing. It means Digital marketing is marketing with the help of technology.
  • Digital marketing is a better way to do marketing. 

20. How Integrated Digital Marketing Work?

How integrated digital marketing works

Integrated Digital Marketing is building an audience to the stage of product sales or conversion.

The Steps involved in Integrated Digital Marketing are:

  • First, you need to have some audience on your website. We can do it using Paid Advertisement, SEO or Social Media to your Content.
  • Paid Advertisement also allows you to build an email list, which you can also use to drive traffic to your content.
  • And using your Content, you can also drive traffic to your email marketing list, social media and improve your SEO. Content Marketing is the process of drive traffic to our various channels through your content.
  • After building an audience using Content Marketing and email marketing strategy now, you finally can get sales and conversions by using them.

You can also read this on Digital Deepak blog: Content Marketing 2.0 – Integrated Digital Marketing by Deepak

21. How do the sales funnel work?

how does the digital marketing sales funnel work

This funnel is Digital Marketing, sales funnel. The funnel works in the following steps.

  • The first step of this funnel is attracting the audience to your site by giving free quality products.
  • The second step is to build trust with the attracted audience through the funnel.
  • The third step is to make the funnel automated
  •  Then build relationships on automation 
  • To get 1000 people at the bottom of the funnel, you need 1,000,000 people at the top of the funnel.
  •  And finally, build brand ambassadors who will promote your products.

#Bonus The strategy used by Digital Deepak


I just want to say you that if you follow and understand all these lessons which I have shared with you in this article, then you can become a pro-level digital marketer and also learn some skills to improve your life.

A humble request to you, my friend, if you like the knowledge which I have shared with you in this post, then share this post with your friends and tell me what you want to say below comment section. It would be genuinely and deeply appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

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