About Me

Who am I?

You already know my name. But I want to tell you a little bit about myself.

Like every Student and Youth, You want to make a lot of money, want to build your Personal Brand, want everything you like.

So did I.

I (Abhishek Sagar) am a learner. Doing Mechatronics Engineering and Learning To market for my Business. And I want to share my learnings, knowledge with you.

Why I created this site?

That’s why I created this site to help you learn everything that I know. In this website, you can learn about Digital Marketing and its concepts, various tools and strategies which you can use in your business.

I want you to make a lot of money. So I will share some tips/ways to earn money.

After my 12th I research a lot to make money from home. Because All of us think that, We don’t have to work hard while we are working from home. But actually it’s not ture.

I saw many Opportunities like DropShipping, Ecommerce, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Website Development, App Development.

I have invested a lot of money in my online education. Till now, approx. Rs 26.000. That is not a huge amount for a person whose father earns a lot of money. But for a person like me who belongs to a middle-class family, it’s a very big amount.

But do you know what is our problem?

We want to learn many things but don’t want to execute it. We want that everything should happen quickly. We don’t want to be consistent. I was also like that.

But we all should understand that, Everything takes time to learn, Nothing happens in One Day.

Every time I started, stopped in the middle. I created a lot of websites but no one I continued for long. Because I was not making any money. But now I have understood the importance of consistency.

I want to learn about programming, making Robots and Machines like Tony Stark, although a fictional character, still I want it.

I want to be a great businessman and start my entrepreneurship journey.

One thing I learnt from Digital Marketing, ” The combination for your Passion + Skill + Market Demand” can be a good business for you.

I am a curious person. I Always ask people questions like how to do this, why this is happening and so on. I love to know things about Science, Tech and Pseudo-Science which I don’t know. So, I created a site keenseeker.com.

I want to learn stock investment so I again created a site stocks.proinvestr.com. Here, you can learn about stocks trading and investment.

And “abhisheksagar.in” is my Website, for My Personal Branding and sharing the knowledge with you.

Most of the youth don’t know what to do, how to do. They always remain confused. And I want to help you all.

That’s all about me. What do you want to learn, What’s your story, comment below.

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