How To Make Awesome Connection With Your Customer?

How to make awesome connection with your customer? Customer avatar

Hey, my friend, I know you want to build a great connection with your customer. That’s why you are reading this article. But you know why you are not able to do it. Because maybe you are not connecting with your customer in the right way or the person whom you think as your customer is not your customer. I know it’s a little difficult for you to understand and you’re probably confused what I’m saying. And I will clear all your doubts.

So, in this article, I will teach you about How to make/build a better relation/connection with your customer. What points you should keep in mind to make a better connection with your customer. I will also tell you about what is a customer avatar? Why customer avatar is necessary to make a better connection with your customer (audience).

Have you read my previous article: 21 Epic Tips That Can Make You A Pro Digital Marketer In 2020. In that article, I have written about some tips about Digital Marketing. They are not really, digital marketing tips but some life and business skills tips which can help you become a pro digital marketer.

2 Methods, that can make an awesome connection between you and your customer (audience).

##1 Top 5 Skills to develop in yourself to improve you connection with your customer

#1 The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle

In my previous article, I have also written about The Golden Triangle. Now your question could be how this Golden triangle related to the relation between me and my customer? Because you can connect with your customer when you will solve their problem, and you can only solve their problem by understanding the problem more clearly. So, when you learn something, you remember it. When you do it, you understand it. But when you teach it to others (your customer) you understand everything in a better way.

That’s why listen to the problem of your customer. Find its solution, (i.e. learning stage) if you already know the solution, that’s even better and then implement it (i.e. execution stage). And if it works, share it with your customer (audience).

#2 Don’t get worried about doing mistakes.

My mentor Mr Deepak Kanakaraju said, “There is nothing like perfect. You cannot do anything perfectly. But because you want to do everything perfectly, you are not doing it all. Getting things done is more important than getting things done perfectly, as perfection will only come with practice and validation.” You will do some mistakes when you are getting started. 

Recently, I saw a video of Rob Balasabas (a YouTuber), in which he said that your first video is your worst video. But that’s how things get started.

Many people do mistakes, but that is the way we, they learn. Maybe I am also doing some mistake while writing this article. Because I am also getting started. But till I am giving you some value, you will consume my content which will motivate me to make more content and by doing this much of practice, I am in the way of perfection.

Deepak Sir gave an example of a billion-dollar company, I think you have already guessed its name, and that is Google.

Google archived site image of 1998. don't get afraid of doing mistakes.

If Google can become a billion-dollar company by starting with this, so why you can’t?

Mistakes are future benefits, the value of which is yet to be realised.

Deepak Kanakaraju

#3 Marketing rule: One on One.

Marketing is all about good conversation. And this is 100% true. I am not saying it based on what I have learned. But I have observed it. My Dad is also marketer, not Digital ones, rather traditional ones. But what I have observed that he can sell you anything even if you don’t want to buy it. He sells his conversation, not the product, and we all marketers do this. 

You may think, Ok, I know I need a good communication skill to sell. But what this ‘One on One’ rule means.

So the One on One rule means if you cannot converse well with one person, you cannot converse well with many people. So if you want to be good at marketing, you need to be good at conversation. With good conversation, you can have more clients and sales. 

You may be not able to converse well and get fail in marketing because you are thinking you are talking to many. But to excel in marketing, building trust with your customer, think like you are conversing with one only.

For example, I don’t know how many people will read this article, but I am sure that you are feeling like I am just conversing with you. That’s how you can converse well by thinking of only one not many.

#4 Authenticity in your voice.

Be authentic, bring authenticity in your voice

Authenticity means showing the truth to your audience, customer or user. What you believe, you think, your style, your likes and dislikes. It should not depend on the thought of what if someone will like it or not? Because people are tired of fake people with social personas. Everyone gets attracted to someone authentic.

For example, even in your family, school or office, there are fake people and you can easily identify who is fake and who is not. There will always be people who won’t like you, don’t be afraid of them. Because the people who admire you when you are authentic, they remain your loyal fans and followers. If I am unauthentic in my voice, you won’t want to listen to me or read my article next time. That’s why I am trying to be authentic with you. Authenticity helps to communicate better.

#5 Become a better marketer.

Become a better marketer

How to become a better marketer. Deepak Sir has explained to me that a person with more life experience is a better marketer. How! Because those who have travelled much, met many people, always tried to learn something new in their life and have a lot more experience than us. Like, you want to learn from the person who possesses more knowledge and experience than you. So, to be a more marketer you need to develop an experience for yourself.

##2 Finding Your True Audience/Customer/User

#1 Who is your audience?

If everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience.


You need to find who is your right audience like, is he a student or job seeker, what age group he belongs to, from where he belongs to and other details. Because you cannot teach everything to everyone.

Now you know, you have to talk like, you are conversing with only one. But who is that one? How to find that one customer.

So, for this, you need to learn about Customer Avatar.

#2 What is Customer Avatar?

We often call Customer Avatar as the Buyer’s persona or User’s persona. Therefore, customer avatar suggests the ideal customer whom we want to sell our products or services. Now, what is an ideal customer? An ideal customer is one whose chances of buying your product or service is the most.

#3 How to create Customer Avatar?

To create a customer avatar for your ideal customer. You need to know his/her basic and professional details. These details are based on Demographics and Psychographics.

In Basic Details: You can ask him about his name, age, his email address, where does he live, etc.

In Professional Details: You can ask him about his job status, marital status, his annual income and field of interest. You can also ask him about his pain points so that you can give him a solution to his problem in the form of your Product.

#4 How I can get details from the user?

You can get these from the user by taking surveys or asking people.

Here, I will give a template of the survey to build your customer avatar.

#5 Bonus Template to Create a Customer Avatar.

I am interested in the App and Website development. And also there is a market demand for this. I have embedded the template (Survey form) below. You can also fill it if you want.

My Customer Avatar

My customer avatar, kishor kumar.
Photo by Kishor Kumar from Unsplash
  • Name: Kishor Kumar
  • Age Group: 18 – 24
  • Gender: Male
  • City: Bhopal
  • Highest level of Education: School
  • Job Status: Student and doing a part-time job.
  • Annual Income: Less than 50K
  • Interested in Course: App Development
  • Prior Experience: Beginner
  • Purchased any App or Web Development Course: No
  • Difficult facing in learning App Development: Just have basic skills and want to learn more and also want to know how to make money out of it.
  • Any Expectation from the Course: That this course will solve my problem. Make me an expert in the App Development and will teach me to make money out of this.


I will conclude all the above steps in brief points.

  • Apply the Golden Triangle in your life.
  • Now don’t be afraid of doing any mistake after reading this much. Just go for it, dude.
  • Try to communicate, One on One.
  • Go out, meet new people and never hesitate to learn something new which can help you to grow in your life. Build experience for yourself.
  • Find your audience by doing a survey or asking people. So, you can build your customer avatar. You can make a template like this for your field of interest.

Still, have any question, write in the comments below 👇 and I will answer it. If you like this article share this with your friend. I will deeply and genuinely appreciate from the bottom of my heart. To get more valuable content like this, subscribe to my Email Newsletter. And you will get your answer right in your inbox. Feel free to ask anything. 

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