Why GeneratePress Is The Best Premium Theme For My Site?


In this article, I have given the GeneratePress and GeneratePress Premium theme review. Read the article to get all of your answers before buying GeneratePress Premium (GP Premium).

What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress is a free, lightweight and fastest WordPress theme which comes with a Premium Plugin known as GP Premium.

GeneratePress Currently has

  • 1,795,885+ downloads;
  • 100,000+ active installations;
  • 40,000+ customers β€“ one of them being me. πŸ˜€

Who should use GeneratePress?

If you are a Blogger, Digital Marketer, or any online business who wants a lightweight, fast-loading, search engine optimized and mobile-responsive theme for your website. Then, GeneratePress is for you.

Why you should use GeneratePress?

While making a WordPress Website, this question comes in our mind that which would be the best theme for our website. I also had this question. I was searching a lot. And now every large review sites were saying GeneratePress, in terms of speed, search engine optimization and responsiveness.

But why GeneratePress theme is at the top? Why should we use it? 

I am that kind of person who on professional work doesn’t trust anyone except himself.

High Speed on Test

So, I tried several fastest themes for my site, like GeneratePress, Astra, StudioPress theme and more. What did I found? GeneratePress was the fastest theme of all. It reduced my site speed from 5.7 sec to 2.7 sec. You can see the below image for the speed of my site at current while using GeneratePress Theme.

GTmetrix test of my site while using GeneratePress Theme Premium

According to Google latest research, more than 53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.


For better User Experience of your site, your site should be mobile responsive. Now there are more Mobile users than Desktop users. So, more traffic will come from mobile devices. And GeneratePress is a highly mobile responsive theme.


To rank my website at the top in the Google search results, it should have good SEO. SEO plays a vital role in the ranking of the website. And SEO is of two types On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. I will not go into deep about SEO in this article.Β 

But for On-Page SEO, Fast loading and mobile responsiveness of your site matter a lot. Because people don’t like to wait for long. You might have experienced this also when you went on a site you have left before the loading of the page.

GeneratePress is a Search Engine Optimized theme which means there are higher chances of your site ranking high on Google.

GeneratePress Free Vs Premium

GeneratePress is a free theme but if you want extra designing features than you should go for GeneratePress premium. Most people don’t know that GP Premium is not a theme rather it is a plugin which gives additional features to your site.


  • Mobile-Friendly β€“ GeneratePress theme is fully mobile responsive.
  • Light Weight β€“ The theme site is under 1 MB that means more fast speed and page loading experience.
  • Typography & Font Editing β€“ Many font-family and typography options.
  • 14 Pro Modules β€“ In-built 14 free modules to customize your site the way you want.
  • Reset Option β€“ Brings the theme into defaults setting with a single click.
  • Documentation β€“ Officials GeneratePress tutorials page for beginners and advanced bloggers.


  • Site Library β€“ Unlimited free access to 45 demo sites usage.
  • Page Headers β€“ Creates transparent page headers.
  • Colours β€“ A mega range of 60 colour schemes.
  • Elements β€“ 14 elements to activate/deactivate any part of the theme with 1 click.
  • Hooks β€“ PHP and CSS codes integration function.
  • Post Styles β€“ Post grid, column and masonry styling.
  • Mega Menu β€“ Slideout menu sections and fades.
  • Sections β€“ Creates posts and pages in sections.
  • Background β€“ Customize blog background with colours and parallax effects.
  • Spacing β€“ Set gaps and spaces between widgets, menu items, content area, footer etc.
  • Copyright Text β€“ Add, edit or delete/remove powered by GeneratePress copyright footer text.
  • Import/Export β€“ Easily migrate GeneratePress theme settings from one to another site.
  • WooCommerce β€“ Add more color, typography and layout options to your WooCommerce store. Add-on features that support WooCommerce sites.
  • 24/7 Support β€“ Advantage of free tech support via forum.

GeneratePress Pros and Cons

Free Version


  1. The theme is 100% free for lifetime
  2. Mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized
  3. Lightweight and fast-loading


  1. No tech support
  2. Cannot remove Copyright, β€œPowered by GeneratePress.”
  3. No import/export option
  4. Required a little coding knowledge for custom change.

GeneratePress Premium Version (GP Premium Plugin)


  1. 100% accessibility-ready
  2. Child theme supported
  3. 45+ demo showcase library
  4. SEO-optimized & mobile-friendly
  5. The plugin size is less than 30KB
  6. 100+ customizing options
  7. GeneratePress is very well-documented. It has a lot of guides that you can find here.
  8. 24/7/365 Premium support
  9. GP hooks, elements and header options
  10. 30 days money-back guarantee


  1. Not found any cons yet.

GP Premium Pricing

If we come about the pricing part, it is cheap as compared to other themes pricing. It comes with 1-year Updates and Support.

How to Download GeneratePress theme?

Free Version

There are two ways to download GeneratePress Free Theme

  1. Either download from the Theme section of your WordPress admin dashboard. Click install and it active it as shown below.
  2. Or Go to GeneratePress Official site.Β 
    1. Download the theme.
    2. Go to the theme section of your WordPress dashboard.
    3. Click Add theme.
    4. Now click upload heme. When the theme is uploaded. Activate it.

I recommend First way.

Premium Version 

  1. Go to generate press.com/premium
  2. Click on Get it Now and then Add to Cart.
  3. Complete the purchase and download the GP Premium Plugin.
  4. Go to plugin area of your WordPress Dashboard.
  5. Click Add New.
  6. Click on Upload theme.
  7. And active it. That’s all.

Conclusion about GeneratePress theme.

GeneratePress is a great theme for your site if you want the high performance of your site. I recommend you to give it a trial on 30 days No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee. I am using it and My Digital Marketing mentor Deepak Kanankaraju is also using this theme. So you can trust me. The link which I have shared in this article is an affiliate link. You ill get 10Percent Discount if you buy from this link.

If you have any question. Ask me in the comments below, and I will answer it. If you like this article, share this with your friends. And don’t forget to Subscribe to get the valuable information like this right in your Inbox. Meet you next time.😎

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